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Top 10 tips for securing finance
Chris Heard

Marlborough LTS has pioneered the ‘Leasehold Loan’ since 1989. Initially prompted to venture into this market by the MMC report into pub ownership, leasehold loans now account for the majority of Marlborough’s business.
  Looking to buy a pub but don't know what to look for?
Glenn Beer
Whether you are looking to buy your first pub or you’ve been in the trade for a number of years, the guidelines for buying a pub are always the same.
  Banks have not shut up shop
Simon Stracey
“I have watched with interest the impact of the much publicised credit squeeze upon our specialist sector - that of raising finance for the purchase of licensed leisure businesses.
  It’s never too late
Well… almost never!  In common with most problems, the key to ensuring that it is not too late is to identify and acknowledge the cause of your problem – not just the symptom.
  Beware the hidden costs of buying a licensed property
Simon Stracey
Everyone knows that when you buy a house, you need to budget for one or two things over and above the advertised purchase price, such as stamp duty, legal costs and removal expenses.
  I’m looking to buy a leasehold pub – how much can I borrow?
Simon Stracey
There are so many factors that may influence the appetite of any bank when considering a lending proposal relating to a pub lease but the three key considerations are summarised
  Buying a second venture - Simon Stracey
 I have had a restaurant for two years now and it is trading well, what are my options for funding a second site?
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  The Publican 18 August 2008 It is still possible to raise funds for pubs
Things may be tougher in today’s financial climate but banks have not shut up shop completely, reports Simon Stracey
The Publican 18 August 2008
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  Bibendum Wines It is still possible to raise funds for pubs
‘I’m looking to buy a leasehold pub - how much can I borrow?’ Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. There are many factors that influence the appetite of a bank, By Simon Stracey
The Publican 25th June 07
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Morning Advertiser 4th October 2007 Advice from Chris Heard
The sooner you address the issue of the provision of an outside smoking area, the better. Tough, as a business, our viewpoint is that the impact of the smoking ban on all but largely food-led businesses is yet to be understood. By Chris Heard
Morning Advertiser 4th October 2007
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Chartell Chris Heard identifies some key points
You seem to have identified a business with real potential. The scale of the dining facilities indicates to me that the food sales are way under their potential - so you would appear to be on the right track with your business idea. By Chris Heard
Morning Advertiser 7th June 2007
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  Caterer and Hotelkeeper 6th July 2007 Calculating the value of your hotel, restaurant or pub
The exact methods applied to the valuation of restaurants and other hospitality businesses are less than straightforward, and a bit of a closely guarded secret on thepart of the professionals who derive their living from them. By Simon Stracey
Caterer & Hotelkeeper 6th July 2007
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  Guy Simmonds More advice from Chris Heard
Marlborough LTS is an expert in helping licensees raise finance to buy a freehold pub or leasehold property. Director Chris Heard provides ten useful tips below for anyone looking to secure finance for a pub venture: By Chris Heard
Morning Advertiser March 2007
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  Caterer & Hotelkeeper 28th June 2007 The leasehold option
Simon Stracey outlines the factors owners shpuld take into account when considering opening a second business
Caterer & Hotelkeeper 28th June 2007
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  Cooksey DMP Chris Heard gives advice in the Morning Advertiser’s Your Money column
The first point here is the issue about
banks lending against leaseholds. While typically, in the high street at least, they will be presented with the freehold model, this doesn’t mean they won’t lend against leaseholds. By Chris Heard.
Morning Advertiser 7th December 2006
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