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“I have watched with interest the impact of the much publicised credit squeeze upon our specialist sector - that of raising finance for the purchase of licensed leisure businesses.

“Whilst there is no question that all of the mainstream lenders have tightened their belts, and, where once a decent operator could independently raise funding (be it secured on home equity or, occasionally, simply against the strength of the lease being purchased), these propositions are now being subjected to intense scrutiny.

“Attracting support from a typical high street bank now seems to require not only the obvious qualities (good accounts, trade experience, etc) but signed approval, in triplicate, from your great-grandparents!

“However, I am pleased to say that the banks have not simply “shut up shop” and that the professionally packaged and presented lending proposals that we have always relied upon continue to garner the support of the experienced lenders, with whom we maintain excellent relationships. In other words, the banks retain an appetite for good business, but the quality of presentation is even more important than ever before. Business plans that might once have been viewed as a formality are now subject to huge scrutiny.

“Here at Marlborough Leisure we are securing finance and making deals happen; often assisted by the fact that we provide lenders with the additional comfort of our back-up service of advice, support and guidance throughout our clients’ first year of trade. This is often the ultimate persuasive factor in approval of unsecured finance for operators at all levels.”


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