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The Principles        

Christopher Heard
Christoper Heard

Chris is well known for his passion and unbridled enthusiasm for the industry and is responsible for corporate clients, as well as Marlborough’s relationships with bankers and business introducers.  Chris lives in Central London and is considered by many as an expert on the contemporary restaurant and bar scene.


Glenn Beer
Glenn Beer

Glenn leads the department responsible for managing clients’ projects following the issue of the loan offer, up to completion and for twelve months thereafter.  Glenn is also responsible for many of Marlborough’s innovative and unique products, such as Marlborough’s Family Guarantee Scheme and the weekly “flash figures” management information system, so popular with its banks.


Simon Stracey
Simon Stracey

Marlborough was fortunate to poach Simon in 1999 from a successful and highly promising career at HSBC Bank in the City.  Simon is responsible for, and justly proud of, the high quality business plans and financial projections which accompany Marlborough’s loan proposals and are prepared following his personal appraisal visits to the subject premises.


The team at Marlborough will use its expertise to provide you with funding schemes in a quick, and professional fashion, in order to assist you in:

  • Purchasing a business
  • Building an extension or carrying out a programme of refurbishment
  • Buying out a partner
  • Paying off a brewery or other form of expensive loan
  • Assessing or reviewing the viability of a business
  • Preparing a dedicated business plan for the lender and/or (if leasehold) the Pubco
  • Advising on equity investment or shareholder agreements
  • Creating financial and operational strategies
  • Advising upon and introducing suppliers and other industry professionals

The cornerstone of the Marlborough business is providing access to funding, however this is not where the service starts, nor ends. Marlborough will also lend its considerable experience to advise the prospective or existing business owner on all aspects of their operation.
Marlborough benefits from unprecedented relationships with leading banks and as such, is in the best position to provide detailed information regarding the likely opinion of banks as to any borrowing requirements you may have.

Because Marlborough lending introductions are in constant demand from many banks, the team is able to judge which bank and which borrowing package is best for each individual proposition.
Marlborough's fees are always paid by the bank and added to the loan.
• Arranging loans for freehold and leasehold premises
• Providing access to unsecured loans

All of Marlborough’s clients benefit from our unique, twelve-month Consultancy & Support Service

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